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Report IAG General Assembly, Brussels 14 April 2024

iag meeting 140424 3The General Assembly of the International Ambassadors Guild for the year 2024 was held in Brussels, on Sunday 14 April 2024, at 2.00 pm. at "Les scouts pluralists" next to the former ISGF headquarters, Avenue de la Porte de Hal, 38 B-1060.
The members of the Board present were Nana Gentimi , Bjorg Walstad, Anthony Florizoone, Elin Richards , the Chairman of the ISGF World Committee, ex - officio member. Jane Wardropper was connected by Zoom. Four members of the GA were also present: Jean-Luc De Paepe, Anton Penneman, Margarita Garcia Arrizabalaga, Angela Dernbach while 5 members sent a proxy. Also 4 IAG members (Pierre Decoene, Roselyne Daenens, Faouzia Kchouk, Helen Watson and Lucile de Henau) were present as observers. The Minutes of the 2023 General Assembly, the Report 2023 and the Financial Report 2023 were presented and approved.

iag meeting 140424 New members to the General Assembly
The General Assembly approved the appointment of 3 new members to the General Assembly, Faouzia Kchouk, from Tunisia, former Secretary General of the ISGF, Pierre Decoene from Belgium, former Chairman of the ISGF European Committee and Helen Watson from the United Kingdom. All 3 nominations were warmly received. We trust they will be useful and help IAG with their knowledge and experience.

Participation in ISGF events
Reference was made to the participation of Board members in the 11th ISGF Europe Conference in Ranum Denmark, in July/August 2023, where a video presentation with all IAG projects from 2014 onwards was shown. A successful meeting with all IAG members who were present at the Conference and friends, took place in a big room provided by the host Committee. We then had the opportunity to get to know us better and discuss the work done by IAG Board and the projects supported.

iag meeting 140424 4Reports on Projects:
At the 2023 General Assembly it was decided that 15000 Euros would be available for various projects. The total amount of the support provided in 2023 was finally Euros 13,959. Report was given on these projects.
Projects in Africa
Two projects in Africa, in Kenya and Ivory Coast were actually a follow-up to previous projects. The results of the projects in this 2 African Countries are very impressive and the work being done is substantial and in the right direction.
Projects in Europe Region
Five projects were supported in ISGF Europe Region with the help of Pierre Decoene, the former Chairman of the ISGF Europe Committee, who had forwarded an email sent by the IAG Board, to the Chairmen and International Secretaries of Europe Region. Five applications were received and the projects supported were in Belgium (a camping tent for handicap scouts/guides), Denmark (“The reach out project” to support girls in Sri Lanka), Netherlands (support for the Travelling Scouting Museum), Spain (setting up of a scout/guide shelter for a camping place), UK (frames for the photos of Agnes sister of Lord Baden Powell).
Budget 2024
The Budget for the year 2024 was set to 10,000 Euros. New document for grants /updated application form 2024-2025. A new document for grants and an updated application form proposed by Jane, were adopted. The deadline for the new applications is 31st August 2024. Very soon both documents will be available in English and French.

Amendment to IAG Constitution
Since the increased quorum of two thirds of the members of the General Assembly who were present or represented by proxy, was confirmed, we were able to pass a limited amendment of the IAG Constitution in order to adapt to the new conditions ( such as the new address of IAG headquarters, virtual meetings etc ) and in order to harmonize with the new Belgian Law, regarding organizations such as IAG.

iag meeting 140424 2ISGF events in 2024
This year, the 30th ISGF World Conference, will take place in Granada, 17-22 September . This event will give IAG Board members the opportunity to participate and organise a good meeting with members and friends. We do hope this meeting will bring us new members. To this end we will prepare an updated video presentation in order to show our work and projects supported.

General Assembly in 2025
The date of the 2025 General Assembly will be announced later this year when the date of the annual ISGF World Committee meeting is confirmed.

Nana Gentimi, Chairman of IAG Board

pdf IAG report GA 140424 (181 KB)