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About ISGF

ISGF is a worldwide organisation for adults in support of Scouting and Guiding and who want to strengthen the dialogue between communities through community-oriented projects worldwide.
It is open to former members of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts WAGGGS and the World Organization of the Scout Movement WOSM, and to adults who did not have the opportunity to be Scouts or Guides and active Scout/Guide leaders but who believe in their ideals.
Created in 1953 and supported by WOSM and WAGGGS, ISGF has National Scout and Guide Fellowships in 75 countries and more to follow. Furthermore, it is also represented in 34 countries with members (individuals or groups) of Central Branch.

Our mission and vision

Why should an adult belong to the International Scout and Guide Fellowship?

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In 2013, the 55,500 members celebrated the 60th anniversary of ISGF.

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First have a look at the worldmap. If you live in a country where there is already a National Scout and Guide Fellowship you could get in touch via the given email address or website. If there is not yet an organisation for adults in your country please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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What about ISGF

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ISGF is an organisation for adults. Based on the Scout/Guide ideals its essential purpose is to assist its members to maintain the values learned in the youth movements, to give service within their communities, to encourage continuous personal development and to support Scouting and Guiding on a world, national and local level. ISGF is open to former members of WOSM and WAGGGS organisations, and to adults who did not get the opportunity when young to be Scouts and Guides.


ISGF was established 25th October 1953 in Luzern, Switzerland (at that time and until 1996 under the name IFOFSAG (the International Fellowship of Former Scouts and Guides)). ISGF was founded as a result of resolutions made at the WOSM and WAGGGS World Conferences in 1953. The main idea was to create an international platform for adults no longer actively involved in the youth movements, who still wished to continue to base their life on the principles and values of Scouting and Guiding. ISGF is an independent organisation, which works in harmony and understanding with WAGGGS and WOSM. The close co-operation with the Scout and Guide Organisations is expressed in the WAGGGS and WOSM Relationship-documents.   


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The members of ISGF are the NSGFs (National Scout and Guide Fellowships), currently in 75 countries (2022). NSGFs are composed of a number of LSGFs (Local Scout and Guide Fellowships) within each country. In countries with no NSGF, individual members and small groups may become members of ISGF via the Central Branch, currently in 34 countries (2023), until such time as a National Fellowship is established.

The principles of ISGF

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  1. Encourage respect for life and human rights;
  2. work for justice and peace in order to create a better world; 
  3. contribute to international understanding especially through friendship, tolerance and respect for others, as laid down in the Aims.

The aims of ISGF are to encourage its members  

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  1. to keep alive the spirit of the Promise and Law as laid down by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout and Guide Movements;
  2. to bring that spirit into the communities in which they live and work; and
  3. to actively support Scouting and Guiding in their local communities, in their countries and worldwide.

The local Fellowship and its work

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The Local Fellowship is the backbone of ISGF (just as the Scout/Guide troop is in the youth movements). It is in these local groups that many of the activities needed to achieve the aims are planned and executed. A Local Fellowship is a group of friends who learn, discover, share joys and sorrows together and, at the same time support local Scouting and Guiding. The size of a Fellowship can vary, but is usually between 20 and 40. Sometimes, the Fellowship is organised in groups of 6-8 persons (similar to scout/guide patrols)

The Aims of a Local Fellowship are to:

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  •  Support the local Guide and Scout Associations in their activities;
  • Take part in local community work;
  • Organise permanent education/training for its own members to help them in their personal development;
  • Promote friendship among its members;
  • Promote friendship with other Fellowships on national as well as international levels.

Examples of local activities

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  • Transportation, catering, administration support for Scout/Guide camps;
  • Excursions and other activities for disabled groups;
  • Tree-planting and other environmental activities;
  • Seminars and discussions on ethics and other relevant themes;
  • Hikes, picnics for the Fellowship and their families;
  • Twinning (correspondence, meetings) with other Fellowships (nationally or internationally).