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Toys collected by Granada Fellowship

Spain Fellowship Toy 2The Granada Fellowship of Andalucía, Spain, "Asociación Granadina  Amigos del Escultismo", collected toys from their communities and other sources. As they also wanted to involve everyone also the local Scout groups in this province were involved.

They have been busy each Saturday during the months November and December collecting toys for the Fellowship Toy project.  Also the Department of Environment of the City of Granada was very cooperative.  Posters were spread and toys were donated.

Moreover Fellowship members worked with colleagues in their office, work and at schools and toys were donated in collection points that were specially set up. During the months of December and January the members collected all the Toys from these points.

The toys were then sorted into two groups:

Toys ready for shipment for the refugees from Mali

Toys to be repaired

Spain Fellowship Toy 4They collected more than 2 cubic meters in volume and a weight of 300 kilos. A ground distribution center offered their logistics and transportation system on their expense. The toys were brought in 40 boxes to Paris for onward transfer to the refugee children from Mali in Burkina Faso.