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Project “Fellowship Toy” for Refugee Children

RefugeeISGF announces a project called ‘Fellowship Toy’ to restore some small happiness to children whose childhood has been robbed from them.

By collecting toys we will put a smile on the faces of children who stay in refugee camps.

ISGF has a partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and during an evaluation meeting UNHCR asked to implement on a larger scale the Toy Project.

This was done before by FAAS, the French Scout and Guide Fellowship. They collected 350 kilos of toys for refugees from Syria and this action has been published on our website on 13 February 2013 with the headline: 350 Kilos of toys for Refugee Children.

ISGF members are asked to gather non-electronic toys without any batteries during a toys collecting day for instance on 25th October Fellowship Day.

New or used but clean and books cannot have letters. Sure the results will bring cheer to refugee children and our 60th anniversary will be a gift to many children.

The Project will be finished with a presentation at the 27th ISGF World Conference in Australia 2014.

Members of ISGF are encouraged to approach UNHCR offices worldwide to jointly explore and agree on appropriate ways to organise similar initiatives.

Use of the UNHCR photo taken by Aytac Akad is free to the media

pdf 2013_Fellowship Toy_UNHCR (128 KB)

pdf 2013_Contact List_UNHCR (144 KB)

pdf 2013_Contacts Aviation without Borders (142 KB)

Send also your news about this project to ISGF website with photos:

During World Conference 2014 several presentations were shown about “the Fellowship Toy”.

pdf Fellowship Toy presentation_UK (7.10 MB)

pdf Fellowship Toy presentation_France (1.30 MB)