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ISGF project for shelters South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

shelter uganda 07aUnder the partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) ISGF proposes that the National Scout and Guide Fellowships (NSGFs) assist South Sudanese Refugees living in North West Uganda by providing them with emergency temporary shelters. 

Imvepi is a refugee settlement found in North-West Uganda, close to Ngurua and Mvepi, at an altitude of 730 meters. It is expected around 1,000 to 5,000 refugees arrive in Uganda from Southern Sudan each day. Very soon the number will reach one million. In addition to conflicts, the state of famine was recently declared in South Sudan. Five million of persons are victims, within whom children are the most vulnerable. There is also extreme poverty, no access to water and health services, and changes of climatic patterns.

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From meetings with different ministries to visits to the settlement at Imvepi, ISGF was informed that the needs in the settlement have changed. The local authorities, recognising the ISGF valuable assistance, proposed us to supply the settlement with more permanent accommodations: Traditional huts


The tents are an emergency accommodation with a limited lifespan, no more than six months due to climate and product characteristic reasons. Tents are only used for new arrivals at the main reception area, before allocating the refugees a place to live.
Due to the prevailing situation in South Sudan and the growing number of refugees arriving at Imvepi, the settlement is to deal with longer stays (from several months to years) and aims at offering the refugees fair and decent living conditions.

Therefore, taking into consideration the above information, we would like to inform you in which terms the ISGF project will be adjusted and reoriented:

- ISGF will finance the building of traditional huts made of un-burnt-bricks and iron-sheets, large of 3x3 meters allowing to accommodate 4 adults, in compliance with the requirement of the construction department of the settlement;

- The ISGF team has already identified local workforce to build the huts. It will also contribute to support the local economy;

- The more permanent accommodation are more expensive, €514, instead of €25 for a tent. However, this form of accommodation will last longer, it is now a question of years, and the ISGF ‘s aid will be much more favourable and comfortable for refugees;

- Taking into consideration the ISGF financial objectives (€ 25,000), ISGF aims at providing 50 huts allowing to accommodate 200 people;

- Each hut funded by ISGF will be identified by the ISGF logo while the ISGF logo will be also visible on the board at the main entrance of the settlement, offering ISGF an even better and wider visibility.

We do hope that you will understand the changes that ISGF is about to operate, which are also a good illustration of ISGF’s reactivity and ability to adapt itself in a view of ever better serving those in needs.

Thanks to the donations already collected, we can immediately start the building works for 20 huts.
It is the first stage of the accomplishment of the project and we still need your support to reach our objective: 50 huts to make the life of 200 refugees easier and bearable.

We herewith send you the revised Power Point Presentation that you can use for promoting this project to your members, friends, partners etc.

pdf 2018 ISGF project Imvepi Uganda info (158 KB)

pdf 2019 ISGF project Imvepi Uganda presentation (4.25 MB)

Contribution from members can be sent to the World Bureau, which in turn will disperse it to Mathius Lukwago, ISGF World Committee Chairman, for implementation.

uganda new hut websiteISGF ING Bank Account:
Agence Porte de Namur, Chaussée d’Ixelles 3, BE 1050 Brussels
IBAN : BE33 3100 3694 3346

Or by PAYPAL to (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
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