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Completion Phase 2 Fellowship Toy Project in UK

UK Shropshire Guild Toy projectThe National Scout and Guide Fellowship UK successfully completed the collection of the toys Phase 2 of the Fellowship Toy Project.

They collected 4938 toys, packed in 161 boxes, weighing 1345 kg and occupying a volume of 10 cubic meters. On request of UNHCR 70 boxes were sorted into four categories: sports goods, toys for babies, girls and boys toys, puzzles, games, books, pens etc.

Thanks to the efforts of their partners, they were able to double that of Phase 1 and now are moving to Phase 3.

The Fellowship was delighted to receive a call on 01 March advising that Scouts in Hertfordshire, England, had held a collection and were busy sorting and boxing the toys, exceeding 90 boxes so they will be discussing now with their partners whether they can have a one off collection and shipment of these toys prior to May 2014, the closing date for Phase 3. Hertfordshire Scouts filled over 90 boxes containing 3,120 toys weighing 740 kg.

One the picture: Mid Shropshire Trefoil Guild sorting 'Fellowship Toys'