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20 June 2020 - World Refugee Day

world refugee day 200620

Since 2007 when the partnership of the International Scout and Guide Fellowship was signed, actions have been important, if not numerous: 1000 backpacks for 1000 children who had returned to Burundi after having been refugees in Tanzania, important gifts of toys for children in refugee camps, construction of houses for 50 families in the Imvepi camp in Uganda.

The following article shows that the action of ISGF must not be extinguished and will not extinguish (paraphrase of General de Gaulle 18 June 1940).

pdf World Refugee Day 2020 (78 KB)

From the editor: Martine Levy, who wrote this article, is the liaison officer between our partner UNHCR and ISGF. See this link to the UNHCR partnership and the link to the finished projects of ISGF for refugees.