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Twinning between Italian and Ukrainian Scouts

MASCI, the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Italy is committed, with other Italian scout associations, to organizing twinnings between Italian scout groups and Ukrainian scouts (PLAST). Despite the war, they managed to organize 11 twinnings for a total of about 200 Ukrainian scouts.

Overview about the help for Ukraine

ukraine logo cesr 2Dear friends all over the world,
Here I give you a short overview about the help for Ukraine and how the guilds in Europe and especially the Central Europe Sub-Region supported the victims of the cruel aggression by the Russian army.
During the first weeks after the 24th of February 2022 about 2 million people fled from the Ukraine to the neighbouring states Poland, Slovakia, Hungary or Romania. And if they had had the good luck to get flight tickets, to countries like Germany, Austria, Sweden and others.
Meanwhile the number will be more than 5 million as reported. Till summer the number of refugees had been getting lower, but now, as Russia had again started to bomb houses, power stations and water supply, it is raising once more. At Cracow main train station our Polish guild members offer food and drinks to about 1500 persons daily.

Active Solidarity with Refugees from Ukraine

Help Ukraine GermanyWe, from NSGF Germany, are looking for enthusiastic guides and scouts (18+) from Europe who would like to help with refugee relief. We work at the hubs of the refugee flows. The first priority is to care for and supply the refugees from Ukraine, but also to sort and pack material and work in the first aid station.

Resolution Ukraine ISGF Central Europe Sub-Region

war ukraineThe Presidium of the Central European Subregion SRCE as representatives of the member organisations Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Austria, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary condemn the brutal attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine. Ukraine is a free and self-determined state. No one has the right to rob a country of its land and resources through aggression and violence and, above all, to endanger the lives and health of its people. We firmly reject this!