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Best wishes 2023

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New Year’s message 2023

Dear members,
A year has passed and we take the opportunity to look over our shoulder and reflect on what has happened. Some of us had high hopes for a brighter future after long time of lockdown during the pandemic. There were hopes for being able to meet and spend time with friends and family. Some events were hold successfully others were postponed or were virtual. Every time we receive an article for ISGF website it is interesting to read how Guild members all over the world are coming back to work with interesting projects and gatherings. So please carry on with the good work all over the planet and send information on what you are doing.

In Europe we have a war which seems to get more aggressive by every day. The people of Ukraine didn’t ask for it and we are taken towards their suffering every day in the news. We watch and feel in our hearts how powerless one can be.
Many Guilds especially in Central Europe have done everything in their power to help and support refugees. It is with great respect and gratitude we read about what they are doing, still it must be mentioned that others living further away also have contributed to this task. A big thank you.

ISGF as part of the scout movement are remembering the words of Baden Powell when he reminded us on “to try and leave this world a little better than you found it”. What if the whole world were scouts?

Every minute someone leaves this world behind. We are all in “the line” without knowing it. We never know how many people are before us.

We can not move to the back of the line
We can not step out of the line
We can not avoid the line
So while we wait in line
Make moments count
Make priorities
Make the time
Make your gifts known
Make a nobody feel like a somebody
Make your voice heard
Make the small things big
Make someone smile
Make the change
Make love
Make up
Make peace
Make sure to tell your people they are loved
Make sure to have no regrets
Make sure you are ready

Wish you all a happy new year with lots of opportunities.
Let’s combine our prayers for 2023 that the clouds will be lifted and we can look forward to a brighter future for all mankind .

On behalf of ISGF World Committee
Elin Richards, Chairman

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