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During three days from the 1st till 3rd of November 2018 the 5th Gathering of the South American Subregion was held, in Salinas, a town nearby Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay. The location of this gathering of the South America Sub-Region (SASR) is situated north of Montevideo in a pleasant location, a resort alongside a lovely beach and surrounded by forest. These three full days were filled with happy and friendly activities.

44 Fellowship members from the South American region, Argentina; Brasil; Chile; Uruguay and Venezuela, represented by one Chilean born but honorary member of the Venezuelan fellowship, and other participants from Aruba, Curacao, Mexico and from Europe: Italy, Netherlands and Spain, all together reunited under the motto, “Building together a better future”.

The night on arrival and after registration tea & coffee on “elevenses” (short break taken to consume a drink or snack) and common in a part of South America such as Chile and Uruguay. The first meeting of the SASR was held, where the new constitution was discussed, named Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Spanish – Memorando de Entendimiento (MED), and the election of the new board for the next three years 2018 – 2021. The MOU was approved and five members representing the five countries, which compose the SASR at the moment. A new sub-region Committee was elected.

• Jorge Ocampo (Argentina) chairman
• Christian Vega (Chile) vice-chairman
• Marcos Clayton (Brasil) treasurer
• Patricia Santana (Uruguay) secretary
• Lucienne Barrientos (Venezuela) member (not present at this gathering)

During the presentation of the new elected board and after the welcoming words from the chairman the election of the country and place to host the next South American Sub-regional Gathering took place. The 6th SASR sub-regional Gathering will take place in spring 2021 in Los Angeles, Chile.
sasr2018 03Different activities were carried out for the next couple of days. Apart from the proper meetings on the second night three workshops and the presentation of the next World Conference to be held in Spain 2020 was introduced.
The third day was an excursion day to Montevideo. First stop was at Carlos Gardel house, which was more than a real house at the time he lived in Uruguay in a farm with stables. From there we drove the “Rambla”. The Rambla of Montevideo is the avenue that goes all along the coastline of Montevideo and is also the longest continuous sidewalk in the world along the La Plata river. We also visit the Museo del Tango, the historic site where they first played La Cumparsita (Tango Tangos). A quick visit to the Carnival Museum where we all had lunch. In the afternoon on our way back to Salinas we stopped at a carriage museum and visited a small Scout Museum. Back to Salinas where we all enjoyed the successful International Market with show tables from each delegation.
The closing night was within a great open-air activity. A big fire where plays, songs and acts of the different delegations, created a special and joyfull moment.
sasr2018 02Next and last day was sunny but windy, after breakfast once more all participants gathered out at the same place the campfire was held the previous night for the closing moment. Time for reflections, and farewell greetings. Two trees was planted on the premises. After that everyone went back home, till 2021 in Chile when we all expect to gather again.
Taking their first effective action, the SASR Committee decided to draft and approve the Salinas Declaration in order to express its willingness to work and act.

We invite you to visit the photo gallery via this link

pdf Memorando de Entendimiento Subregión Sudamericana (430 KB)

pdf Declaración de Salinas 2018, SASR (205 KB)


# Presidente del Comité de la Subregión SudamericanaJorge Samuel Ocampo 2019-08-14 02:02
Gracias Alberto por tus deseos.Abrazo fraterno. Después de casi 9 meses de la Conferencia de la SRSA en Uruguay, que por cierto fue excelente en cuanto al servicio y que decir de la calidad humana de Nuestros Hermanos Scouts y Guias de Uruguay. GRACIASS.!!! Queremos contarles que el Comité de la Subregión se reúne en vídeos conferencia periódicamente, en este momento se encuentra trabajando para poder hacer conocer y contar en que se encuentra las Organizaciones Nacionales de la Región en el 1 boletín, que saldrá muy pronto.! Por Siempre Listo.!
# member Western Hemisphere Regional CommitteeAlberto Zambrana 2018-12-23 00:06
We spent a beautiful time together and, most important, we made a significant progress by approving and signing the SASR's MOU. The Executive Committee was set and the first actions have taken place. Congratulations! and it is my wish they have a successful period in office in the years to come

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