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Campfire_Aland2009From June 10 – 14, 2009 some 165 members belonging to the Nordic Baltic sub-region gathered in Mariehamm on the Finnish island of Åland situated between Sweden and Finland.  Midsummerpole_Aland2009The event was organized by the Finnish National Scout and Guide Fellowship.


Participants from Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and also two participants from United Kingdom as well as from the Netherlands were gathered in the city of Mariehamm.

Cultural historic sites were visited on this beautiful island. As part of the very relaxed programme there was a campfire and other activities on the premises of a ruined Russian fort from 1850.

Here the traditional Åland Midsummer pole was erected and it was greeted with a cheer while singing the Åland national song.

The island was covered with carpets of beautiful spring flowers. Despite some heavy rains the participants explored and enjoyed being on this island.