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2023 logo whrconf enThe Hosting Committee and the National Council of Scouts and Adult Guides of Argentina invite all ISGF members to the 3rd Western Hemisphere Regional Conference, to be held in Córdoba, Argentina, from October 27 to 31, 2023.

Name of event: 3rd ISGF Western Hemisphere Region Conference

When: 27 – 31 October 2023

Where: Córdoba, Argentina

Venue: Hotel Dr. César Carman, Avenida Amadeo Sabattini 459, X5000 BRH, Córdoba, Argentina. The allocation of places in this hotel will be made according to the order of registration of the participants; In case of exceeding the places of the same one, one of the other mentioned hotels of similar category and closer to the place of the conference will be assigned.

Hotels: Hotel Urbano, Hotel Crisol, Hotel San Carlos

Theme: Let's make what is possible, a reality!

Way of payments:
There are 2 ways in which we will facilitate payments to avoid extra costs.
One of them is transfer by Western Union and the second option is payment by credit card by MercadoPago. Payment for the event will be made in 3 instalments:
If the first payment is after April 30th, it must be made for the total value of U$D 300.-

Participation fee:
• first instalment of U$D 150.- payable until April 30
• second instalment U$D 150.- payable until July 31
• the balance of U$D 350.- to be paid upon arrival at the event

The Conference fee of U$D 650.- includes:
- 4 nights of accommodation in double and triple rooms, cost per person.
- Breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners - coffee-breaks during the conference. It includes the dinner on the first day 27 Oct 2023 to breakfast on the last day 31 Oct 2023. For other pre- or post-conference gastronomic services, you must notify your arrival and departure time to provide extra menus.
- Transfers from and to the airport or bus terminal.
- Excursion to the Sierras and lunch.
- City Tour.
- Souvenirs, notebook, pens, badge of the event, bag to store work material from the conference, etc.

Post tours: Post tour options will be published to be agreed by each participant with the tourism company.

Participation is open to:
National Scout and Guide Fellowships and Central Branch countries in the Western Hemisphere and ISGF members worldwide.

How to register: online via this link

Deadline for registration: July 31, 2023

Cancellation policy:
• Before June 30th, 80% of the value paid to date will be refunded, deducting the administration costs.
• Before August 31st, 50% will be refunded, deducting administration costs.
• After August 31st, values will not be refunded.

For information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

pdf 2023_WHRConf, ficha medica_medical record (284 KB)

pdf 2023_WHRConf, Newsletter 2 (863 KB)

pdf 2023_ConfHO, Boletin 2 (864 KB)

pdf 2023_WHRConf, Newsletter 1 (3.95 MB)

pdf 2023_ConfHO, Boletín 1 (4.18 MB)


Circular   Description/Descripción  Deadlines/Fechas finales NSGF/CB

  pdf 2023_00_WHRConf, Welcome message (170 KB)

  pdf 2023_00_ConfRHO, Mensaje de Bienvenida (209 KB)


  pdf 2023_00B_WHRConf, Timeline (129 KB)

  pdf 2023_00B_ConfRHO, Cronología (126 KB)


  document 2023_01_WHRConf, Delegation List (563 KB)

  document 2023_01_ConfRHO, Lista de Delegados (565 KB)

 1 July/1 Julio 2023

  document 2023_02_WHRConf, Proxy Form (115 KB)

  document 2023_02_ConfRHO, Formulario de Poder (114 KB)

 16 July/Julio 2023

  pdf 2023_03_WHRConf, Provisional Agenda (134 KB)

  pdf 2023_03_ConfRHO, Agenda Provisoria (82 KB)

  pdf 2023_03_WHConf, Step by step final program (54 KB)

  pdf 2023_03_ ConfRHO, Paso a paso Final agenda (55 KB)

 14 July/julio 2023

  pdf 2023_04_WHRConf, Rules of Procedure (172 KB)

  pdf 2023_04_ConfRHO, Reglas de Procedimiento (207 KB)


  pdf 2023_05_WHRConf, Call for ISGF WHRC members (89 KB)

  pdf 2023_05_ConfRHO, Llamado a Candidatos Comite RHO (88 KB)

 14 July/julio 2023

  document 2023_05A_WHRConf, Nomination form WHRCom Members (124 KB)

  document 2023_05A_ConfRHO, Formulario de Nominación para integrar el CRHO (127 KB)


  pdf 2023_06_WHRConf, Amendments to MOU (83 KB)

  pdf 2023_06_ConfRHO, Enmiendas al MDE (80 KB)

 14 July/julio 2023

  document 2023 _6A_WHRConf, Proposals for Amendments to MOU (572 KB)

  document 2023_06A_ConfRHO, Propuestas de Enmiendas al MDE (546 KB)

 31 July/julio 2023


  document 2023_07_WHRConf, Hosting 4th WHRConf2026 (564 KB)

  document 2023_07_ConfRHO, Solicitud Organizacion 4a Conferencia 2026 (565 KB)

 4 August/agosto 2023

  document 2023_08_08A WHRConf, Action Time Request Form (569 KB)

  document 2023_08_08A ConfRHO, Form Tiempo Accion (570 KB)

 4 August/agosto 2023

  document 2023_09_WHRConf, Request form Int Market (566 KB)

  document 2023_09_ConfRHO, Form Solicitud Mercado Int (565 KB)

 4 August/agosto 2023

pdf 2023_10_WHRConf, Country Candidates Hosting 4th WHConf2026 (327 KB)

pdf 2023 _10_ConfRHO, Candidatos a organizar la 4ª Conferencia RHO 2026 (229 KB)


pdf 2023_11_WHRConf, Candidates WHRCom 2023-2026 (220 KB)

pdf 2023_11_ ConfRHO, Candidatos al Comité RHO 2023-2026 (203 KB)


  pdf 2023_2.2_WHRConf, Final Memorandum of Understanding WH Region (102 KB)

  pdf 2023_2.3_ Memorandum de Entiendimiento final del Region RHO (128 KB)