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meeting 14July 2022 UKThe July 2022 meeting of the Guild branch of UK that meets monthly online were engaged by a presentation that was originally intended for a Workshop on the Environment to be held in Portugal in May 2022. This Workshop had been cancelled due to Covid-19 by one of the presenters.

In the presentation were examples of activites by members of the Guild which were intended to enhance the environment. Working with local Scout, Guide and Community groups hedges and trees had been planted, litter had been cleared and ways found to ‘Re-use, Reduce, Recycle & Repair’.

The concern with the environment started with the publication of the ISGF Action Plan 2018 - 2020 at the ISGF World Conference in Bali in 2017. Guild members have found many ways to care for their environment and consider their events and actions in relation to climate change in implementing this section of the Action Plan.

pdf Environment Presentation UK 2022 (4.05 MB)