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image letter ukraineWe are all shocked from what is happening in Ukraine. A war went in from a brother country producing destructions, deaths, fear, hate between people and communities. It has been a sudden wake up in the world from decades of peaceful life and well relationship, still with political, social, economical problems. But it had been always clear to all of us all around the World that a solution should be found by negotiations, agreements and understanding.
Now in these days it looks that the situation is changing, that we are all forced to drop down toward some deepness and that is quite difficult to come up with solutions to save people, especially the weaker, the poorer.

As scouts and guides we have hope and confidence that we can contribute to solve the problems to clear up what is wrong and the just, and to stand up with the Ukrainian people that are suffering the war. In the same time we need to try to listen to the reason of the others and to explain to them that the war is exactly what they have to avoid, because after no reconciliation will be possible for a long time, and what they think to a possible victory will be at the end their defeat.

The scouts of all Europe need to stand up with help and support to the refugees coming from the Ukraine borders, and also providing back to the people still leaving the country what will be necessary as foodstuff, medicine, doctors, clothing as required from the Ukrainian people.
We have to follow day by day this tragedy, being as close as possible to them. Nobody has to make regret to minor problems that can occur to us Europeans when some expenses will grow up with the inflation, utilities cost increases. It will be our minor contribution to speed up the war ending.

If you can contribute, please click on the link from:

On behalf of the ISGF World Committee,
Elin Richards,
ISGF World Committee Chairman
International Scout and Guide Fellowship

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