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new year isgf aisgLet me begin by wishing everyone a happy, healthy and a fruitful New Year. We are witnessing unprecedented times as COVID-19 has virtually brought the world to a grinding halt. As of now, we are doing our best to handle the ISGF 29th World Conference 2021 as best as we can. However, we will keep you informed about any changes. The world committee and the host committee will continue to monitor the situation, we will also explore into other options including to postpone the 29th World Conference further or to have a virtual world conference.

 In this extraordinary situation, let’s work together, united by a resilient spirit and persevere for a brighter future for all ISGF members. This year brought many unexpected changes and adjustments to our world. But your dedication had made 2020 an extraordinary one and here are some of the highlights:

• The 29th ISGF World Conference has been postponed to 17 – 22 August 2021 in Madrid, Spain.
• The ISGF global project in Uganda to support the IMVEPI Refugee settlement with refugees is completed. Twenty-five thousand eight hundred and   three (25.803) euros were raised, and fifty (50) semi-permanents huts were built in the settlement.
• World Bureau has been relocated to Avenue des Arts 6, 1210 Brussels, Belgium from 01 January 2021. Full details will be announced officially on ISGF website soon.
• Despite the challenges of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we are thrilled to know that some of the central branch members, such as Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Netherlands, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela are working their ways to becoming a National Scout and Guide Fellowship (NSGF).
• Nana Gentimi, a former World Committee member has been appointed as the new chair for International Ambassadors Guild during their annual meeting via zoom on the 15th November 2020.

We will soon be turning 68 in 2021 and I am particularly proud with what ISGF has achieved. Many of you have been in this long journey together and overcome insurmountable challenges. ISGF 60th anniversary was celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland on the 25th October 2013. I challenge you to do better in 2021, recruit more members, and host more online activities or meeting virtually if meeting in person is not permitted. I also encourage you and your organizations continue to connect with us through all of our dedicated communications channels, whether email or on social media. We love to hear from you as your inputs are important to us. It is important to recalibrate ourselves for the changing times and to move forward together as a team. Challenges beset us, just as in life and many times it is beyond our control.

The celebration of New Year this year will be different as it falls at a time the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s celebrate by not shaking hands or gathering in large groups and practice social distancing. We are praying for everyone’s safety and good health. We hope you and your family are safe and staying at home. We are confident we will come out of this successfully. It’s ISGF we should be proud of, so let us invite all ISGF members to join us as we welcome 2021 with joy and spirit of unity in our hearts.

On behalf of World Committee and World Bureau I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and safe New Year. 

Zalillah Mohd Taib
Chairman ISGF World Committee
International Scout and Guide Fellowship

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