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logo_EYVDuring the 7th European Conference, Anne Dupont, vice-chairman of ISGF World Committee, invited all National Scout and Guide Fellowships within the European Union to take part in the European Year of Volunteering. The programme successfully kicked off in Brussels on 3rd December 2010. The last events will take place in Warsaw in December 2011.

With over 60,000 members in Europe, ISGF joins about thirty other organisations, including WAGGGS and WOSM. See the complete list on the EYV web site:

According to the organizers, “it will be both a celebration and a challenge”.
A celebration of the voluntary commitment from millions of men and women, who dedicate some of their free time to help others. As an example, some are involved in their community, in their city or their village, in schools, in hospitals or sports clubs. Others find motivation by protecting the environment, others by social action or humanitarian aid abroad.


EYV 2011 aims to show the public at large what these actions are in the socio-cultural field, with the youth, with the elderly, those in need, the homeless or the refugees. The objective of this European Year is to call up non volunteers and challenge them. They too can change the world.”

The Tour

Journalists will visit the 27 capital cities and will give account of the events that take place there. Next stage: Budapest on the 7th and 8th January 2011. Show them what you do as adult Scouts and Guides! You can find the full calendar on the EYV web site.

Display your activities!

  • Displays, seminars and meetings will be held throughout the coming year with the aim to draft a legal framework for the « volunteer » status. Join them!
  • This is how the authorities are expecting to attract more citizens to be involved in and to be available for social causes.

 How can we be involved?

Contact your National Coordination Body or platform: see the EYV web site.

Example: Belgium:

For more information:

See the complete list of participating organisations on the EYV web site.

Send a story!

If you are already a volunteer share your story!

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