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Other Events

flags_of__participants_TunisiaParticipants from various countries met in Yasmine Hammamet, Tunisia, where the 5th Gathering took place from 21 to 28 October 2010 organized by the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Tunesia.

ISGF members from Tunisia as well as from some other Arabic countries were present such as Bahrain, Jordan, Libya, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Syria while also members from Australia, France, Malaysia and Portugal participated. All together - 100 members.

Participants took part in interesting workshops such as environment and on actions to achieve results to be implemented by Tunisia for its protection.

Fellowship Day was celebrated on the 25th October by planting trees at a farm school while the Fellowship Day message was sent out via radio waves.

dazzling_sand_dunes_TunisiaNext to the workshops there were visits to historic places in Tunisia. Especially Tozeur, situated in the south east, is an exciting place to visit the oasis and the dunes of sand nearby which particularly dazzled. This oasis with its hundreds of thousands of palm trees is well known and a visit to a date plantation was on the programme.

visit_to_date_plantation_TunisiaThe special dinner at the end of this exciting gathering was accompanied by dances and a demonstration of a Snake Charmer.