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National Fellowships

To all my friends of ISGF,

The messages of support that Jean-François and I received went right in our heart and thank you all for your friendship and your affection.
The events of a few days ago were appalling

But these gatherings of people were so comforting; whether in France or in many countries, global solidarity was fantastic ...
Although, unfortunately, it is known, it will be short, this has been possible.
I went to the "Republican March" with the French Scouting ... .we were many; mass effect disappeared because we soon lost ... .imagine 2 million people in the streets of Paris ..
But the presence of all these young people in uniform shows that Scouting and Guiding are still and always there to defend freedom and human rights.
This has been lasting for more than 100 years and it will continue.
The Scout and Guide Spirit Flame will never die.

Martine and Jean-François Lévy