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26 twinning dk geThe "Störtebeker" Guild from Verden, Germany and the Danish Guild Harvejen from Vejen/Grindsted have a partnership. Every year the members of the Guilds meet either in Germany or in Denmark. This year it was their 26th meeting in Germany.

The youth hostel in Sachsenhain near Verden was their joint quarters. Irmgard Oldenburg, the organizer for the event in Verden and responsible for “Twinning”, had prepared a very eventful diary.

On Monday it started with visiting the town and a visit in a small hairdresser´s museum in “Heinrich the Barber”. Afterwards there was a cozy get together with coffee and cake in the scout premises that finished with a BBQ evening in a traditional yurt (German type).This yurt belongs to one of the members in Arbergen near Bremen. The Danish Guild really liked this organized evening.

On Tuesday a visit to the firm “Masterrind” was organized. Masterrind is a company that deals with cattle breeding and artificial insemination. The visitors were informed in detail about the company. Everybody was amazed how the artificial insemination was organized and a most interesting morning ended in the laboratory. Afterwards a small walk to the “Lindhoop Monument” where soldiers were killed or missing in the Great War (World War I).
In a nearby forest a play area was transformed into a picnic area. Soon it was time to go to the “Gerkenhof” in Odeweg, a large farm with integrated stud farm that radiates a charming ambience where the history of the farm buildings in which farming and horse breeding takes place at the highest level. Coffee time was spent on a guild member´s farm. Afterwards there was supper in the youth hostel with a fun evening.

The last day was spent in the bee-keepers museum in a cozy atmosphere with candlelight and some cake.

And thus finished the visit and a new date for 2018 was planned to take place in Denmark.

pdf 26. Partnerschaft Deutschland - Danemark (561 KB)


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Nice Post.

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