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togo.gifYacoubou A. Madjid who attended the second Africa gathering held in Ghana, November 2007, succeeded in organising in March 2008 a meeting in Lome, Togo, with the support of the Coordinator for Africa, Eddie Mettle Nunoo and his team.

They had the opportunity to work especially with the already constituted group "the Circle of Former Scouts and Guides" and they decided all together to set up as soon as possible a Central Branch in Togo.

Argentina's 5th anniversary

In the beginning of April 2008, Argentina had five (5) years in the ISGF's Central Branch. We celebrated it with paper balloons at night. Each group member in Argentina had a meeting at 10 pm in parka and all groups sent beautiful messages in paper balloons. Then we had dinner to celebrate our Anniversary!

Five years maybe is not too much, but it was very important for us to begin this trip. Now after 5 years of hard work, we are ready to become a National Scout and Guide Fellowship at the World Conference 2008 in Austria.

Hope to see you all in Austria.

Thank you my friends in Chile, Argentina and Ecuador

dsc01421-small.jpgDear friends in Chile, Argentina and Ecuador,

What I have seen during my stay in South America (Chile, Argentina and Ecuador) besides natural beauty, interesting cities and archaeological sites is the enthusiasm of our members on this southern continent.

Chile is working towards full membership and Argentina is growing very fast with members in different cities. They are working very hard towards associate or full membership. We have discussed the possibilities and they have taken the challenge with both hands. We are looking forward to welcome them.

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Argentina is coming to join the ISGF family!

argentina-flag-small.jpgDaniel Scarlato from Scouts y Guías Adultos de Argentina reported big enthusiasm in their fellowship after Leny's visit in their country.

He said: "Now in Argentina, we are working to create a strategy plan to get more members! I think it could be possible soon !
Leny did a good job in Argentina. We are all fascinated with her! She is very charismatic!

Big hug for all members on the World!"

Daniel Scarlato,
Scouts y Guías Adultos de Argentina

Leny from Argentina. On the way to Ecuador …

leny07cba.jpgLeny Doelman, member of World Committee, on her way to the Western Hemisphere WOSM Regional Conference is now in Cordoba, Argentina, and she was welcomed by the Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina.

In the meantime we have driven more than 4.000 kilometers. It is very hot in Cordoba, around 33 degrees Celsius. The "Scouts y Guias Adultos de Argentina" welcomed her and showed the city. We also had a dinner meeting with some members of neighboring cities today as they had a formal meeting and they elected a new chairman.

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Leny Doelman in Chile!

dsc01409-small.jpgLeny Doelman, member of World Committee, while on her way to the Interamerican Scout Conference in Quito, Ecuador, met Fellowship members in Chile from various cities.

Leny, wish you good luck on your mission in South America.

Please Leny, sent us news from South America regularly!