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Central Branch Newsletter no. 1, 2014 distributed

CB Newsletter 1 2014Contents: Central Branch Newsletter 1, 2014

1. News from individuals/groups

2. Deadline World Conference extended

3. Annual reports 2013

4. Reduce costs on paper and postage

5. Update Central Branch membership


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CASEGHA-USA celebrated their 39th anniversary

39th anniversary Casegha 3CASEGHA-USA, member of ISGF via Central Branch, celebrated their 39th anniversary on 22 February 2014.


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CASEGHA USA celebrated ISGFs 60th anniversary

2013 Caribbean 039The Central Branch group of almost 100 members known by the name CASEGHA-USA (former Scouts and Guides from Haiti) had a rich program to celebrate the ISGF 60th anniversary on October 19, 2013.

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Workshop supported by CB Venezuela

making clay masksFiliberto Yanes, contact person of the Central Branch group Scout y Guias Adultos de Venezuela (SGAV), assisted on July 13 with a famous religious festivity “The Dancing Devils of Yare" celebrated in San Francisco de Yare, Miranda state, Venezuela, on Corpus Christi day.

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Interaction of ISGF members in Nepal

Nepal visit to CBWhile on a tour through Nepal, the German couple Angela Ströter and Reinhard Osterfeld took the chance to get in touch with the Central Branch (CB) group in Nepal on 14 March 2013. Both are members of the local German Fellowship Cosmas and Damian in the city of Essen.

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Vice Chairman CB group Uruguay visit Chairman of ISGF

Uruguay_visit_to_Mida_PortugalLeonardo Villagrán , Vice Chairman of Central Branch group FASGU – Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guias del Uruguay, visited Portugal during his holidays and meet with Midá Rodrigues, Chairman of ISGF.

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Central Branch group Venezuela expands


Twelve (12) members have formed a new Guild “Clan Jurásico” and became member of ISGF. They joined the existing Central Branch group (17 members) in Venezuela, “Scouts y Guias Adultos de Venezuela” (SGAV).

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Argentina and Uruguay Scouting celebrated their centenary

Congratulations_letter_ArgentinaScouting in Argentina was officially founded on 4 July 1912 shortly after the publication of “Scouting for Boys” and consists of several independent organizations.

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Award for co-founder Central Branch group CASEGHA, USA

Monique_award_Casegha_USAMonique Blanchard, the co-founder of the Central Branch group CASEGHA USA, received on May 21 an award from a New York City Council member of the 27th district due to Haitian Flag Day.

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ISGF member from Uruguay met Haitian scouts

Uruguay_support_HaitiAriel Dos Santos, member of a local Central Branch Guild in Uruguay had a chance to meet some local Haitian scouts while he was on a mission in April 2011 with URUMAR (National Navy of Uruguay).

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