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Anniversary 2013

ISGF on the Air 2013“ISGF is on the AIR”, the 60 anniversary will soon be there.

The Regions, the National Fellowships and the Central Branch members are all preparing themselves to commemorate the date on the 25th October.

  • Don’t forget to inform the World Bureau of the name of your Skype so that you can be contacted. Be Prepared to a different form of contacting ISGF world. (a Skype contact list will be released shortly).
  • Organise events and collect some donations and make the 60th anniversary thermometer rise to give your organisation a gift. Even if the amount is still at 0, there are already donations but the information from the Bank is not available yet.
  • Sell the commemorative pins and badges to collectors, they will be valuable very soon because they are limited edition.
  • Philatelists there are news for you, a first day cover postcard and envelop. Limited edition also.
  •   Visit the web pages from many national Fellowships and see how well they celebrate our Jubilee.
  • Invite your family and friends to take part in the festivities and promote ISGF and present to them the projects of your Fellowship.

NB: Members with login access got detailed information of the venues.

  pdf 60 years ISGF and appendix_24 September 2013 (145 KB)

ATTENTION: the booklet “PROJECTS”, part of “Our Kit” is been prepared and some countries didn’t send their contribution. We don’t believe that they don’t have any project to share. Later they will be sorry to see the name of their country in blank when they have done so much. Hurry, you just have to fill in a short questionnaire.

For other information’s see and follow the “Fellowship Toy” project.

Wishing you a very active month and a happy anniversary.


# Membre SGAB Belgique Monique Hariga Belgique 2013-10-25 12:02
# Member AsPac Regional CommitteeMunira Mistry 2013-10-19 19:26
We wish all the Members for 60 years Celebration.Hope to see many on SKYPE