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Email (temporary troubleshoot)

troubleshooting isgf emailsFollowing a mandatory server transfer, troubleshooting assistance has been ongoing since June 30, 2021.

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Baden-Powell Guild UK shares a simple project

project bpg uk 04Throughout the last year, to provide an occupation and as an environmentally friendly way of fund raising Baden-Powell Guild members have been using old pallets to make garden planters. The pallets are often ‘waste’, and people have been happy to donate them for a good cause.

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Twinning between Uruguay and Guatemala

hermanamiento reunion uruguay guatemalaA magnificent experience to cultivate our scout spirit with the practice of twinning activities. Promoting twinning activities, initially, between the different fraternities of the Latin American countries has been a challenge for ATZ Fraternidad de Scouts y Guias Guatemala. The exchange of different aspects of our scout and personal lives with fraternal from other latitudes is particularly exciting and enriching.

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NSGF India shows best friends since a long time

india friends 1960On the photo you see some of the team members of the Indian Scout and Guide Fellowship who are working closely since 1960.

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Guatemala explains why they should become member

guatemala storiesGuatemala joined ISGF Central Branch since 13 September 2020. At the moment there are already 150 members in the ATZ Fraternidad de Scouts y Guias Guatemala. Recently they held a ceremony in order to renew their promise. Why are they joining ATZ Guatemala? Some members explained their motivation and renewal.

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Women's Day celebrated in local Guild India

logo indiaThe Gynum Ganga local Fellowship from Navi Mumbai is a unique guild of visually impaired adult members. Navi Mumbai also known by its former name New Bombay, is the largest planned city in the entire world, situated on the west coast of the Indian subcontinent in Maharashtra State.

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First online meeting of German Fellowship in their „digital yurt“

germany onlinetreffen 210221The planned meeting with the Guilds of the Verband Deutscher Altpfadfindergilden (VDAPG) in Germany could not take place because of the pandemic. About 40 members from all over the country gathered behind their screens on Saturday, 20 February 2021 to participate in an online meeting.

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Traditional bonfire at local Finnish Guild

finland feb22 2021A local Finnish Guild who traditionally had their bonfire on Founders Day/World Thinking Day.

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New Executive Committee and New Board Members elected at NSGF Maldives

maldives new board 2021 2023 small

Maldives Scout and Guide Fellowship welcomes Ahmed Ali Maniku as new National President along with the other newly elected Board members.

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ISGF relocated World Bureau

wb 2021 2ISGF moved its World Bureau within Brussels, Belgium, where it will occupy a workstation in a rented place of a 11-storey building. Nathalie, our secretary-general, moved to the new place as of January 4, 2021 and will leave the place that ISGF had rented since 2005 and which will be transformed into social rental housing.

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