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22 February 2024

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Founder’s Day / Thinking Day message 2024

It was in the year 1857 that everything would start. All of us in the Scout and Guide family can say that we are very lucky in having Baden-Powell in our life. Who would have thought that a person born in the 19th century would still be so up-to-date to our present days? I know that this day is a day of celebration and happy birthday to us all, but the world is going thru a lot of tense moments and more than ever, Scouting and Guiding are being put to the proof… nations are at war just around the corner, people are fleeing from their countries putting their lives at risk.

The earth is giving us warnings with high and low (very low) temperatures, volcanos erupting, floods, glaciers moving fast…time doesn’t stop and we have to move quicker and faster to keep up. We have the tools and the energy to continue our work in our home, our Guild, our association, our country. We are Scouts and Guides.

So, let’s all celebrate another Thinking Day and bring more energy and commitment to our associations and communities. Let’s put into action what B_P said to us: “Leave the world a bit better than you found it”, now it’s our chance to do it! So, raise your cups and congratulate yourself on this very important date for all the Scouts and Guides in the world, in particular yourself, who made the decision of belonging to this very large family and to become an agent of change.

Have a great 22nd February.

Happy birthday to B_P and Olave B_P.

Yours in Fellowship,
Ana Rodrigues
Vice-chairman World Committee
International Scout and Guide Fellowship

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