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Central Branch (CB)

List of 41 Central Branch countries (update 11 January 2017)

1070 members (24 groups) and 103 individual members = 1173 in total


Aruba Odig group 15
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan National Scout and Guide Federation (ANSGF) group 42
Botswana   individual 3
Brazil    group 28
Burundi    individual 3
Cambodia   individual  2
Cameroon    individual 4
Cape Verde   group  
Chile Scouts y Guias Adultos de Chile group 31
Colombia   individual  1
Congo (Brazzaville)   individual 5
Costa Rica   individual  2
Cuba   individual 6
Ecuador   group 41
El Salvador   individual 4
Hong Kong   individual 1
Iran   individual 1
Israel   group 15
Japan   individual 3
Kenya  Trefoil Guild group 25
Kenya  Nyeri Guild group  16
Kenya   individual  3
Liberia   group 10
Malawi   group 12

Nepal Scout and Guide Fellowship

(applied for affiliation NSGF)

group 146
Netherlands  Central Branch NL group 78
Peru   individual 4
Philippines    individual  2
Rwanda Association des Rwanda Anciens Scouts et Guides de l'AISG (ARASG) group 20
South Africa  South Africa Trefoil Guild group 27
South Africa


(applied for affiliation NSGF)

group 18
Sudan   individual 6
Suriname PAVEURS group  34
Taiwan   individual 4
Tanzania   group  53
Thailand   individual 1
Togo   group 12
Trinidad & Tobago   individual 2

The Association of Turkish Scouting Volunteers

(applied for affiliation NSGF)

group 184
United Arab Emirates (applied for affiliation NSGF)  group



Uruguay Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guías del Uruguay (FASGU) group 28
USA  Association des Anciens Scouts et Guides d'Haiti (Casegha) group 95
USA Asociacion Adultos Scouts y Guias de Cuba group 28
USA    individual 43
USA Troop 160 Memorial Scout Camp group 10
Venezuela Asociacion Scouts y Guias Adultos de Venezuela group 103
Zimbabwe   individual 3