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Home Central Branch (CB) Central Branch Countries
Central Branch Countries Print E-mail
Written by Leny Doelman   
Tuesday, 29 April 2008 09:36


List of 38 Central Branch countries (update 10 January 2015

808 members (23 groups) and 104 individual members = 912 in total


Aruba  Odig group 23
Azerbaijan  Azerbaijan National Scout and Guide Federation (ANSGF) group     42
Brazil    group     17
Burundi    individual 3
Cambodia individual  2
Cameroon    individual 4
Cape Verde individual 7
Chile Rama Central Chile group 58
Colombia individual  1
Congo (Brazzaville) individual 5
Costa Rica individual  2
Cuba individual 6
Ecuador group 41
El Salvador
Iran individual 1
Israel group 60
Japan individual 3
Kenya  Trefoil Guild group 25
Kenya  Nyeri Guild group  33
Kenya individual  3
Liberia group 10
Malawi group 12
Nepal    group 10
Netherlands  Central Branch NL group 98
Peru individual 4
Philippines  individual  2
Rwanda Association des Rwanda Anciens Scouts et Guides de l'AISG (ARASG) group 26
South Africa  South Africa Trefoil Guild group 32
South Africa
NSGF-ZA group
Sudan individual 6
Surinam PAVEURS group  37
Taiwan individual 4
Tanzania group  47
Togo group 12
Trinidad & Tobago individual 1
Turkey individual 1
United Arab Emirates  individual


Uruguay Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts y Guías del Uruguay (FASGU) group 25
USA  Association des Anciens Scouts et Guides d'Haiti (Casegha) group 97
USA Antiguos Scouts  y Guías de Cuba group 25
USA State of Maine Scout  Fellowship group 26
USA  individual 43
Venezuela Fraternidad de Antiguos Scouts de Venezuela (FASV) group 34
Zimbabwe individual 1