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Written by Leny Doelman   
Friday, 20 February 2009 22:15

(Published in ISGF Info - February 2009)

First Contact with Girl Scouts - USA
On 30 December, 2008 Mario Sica met Maureen Quinn, Vice President of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GS-USA), at their Headquarters, 420 Fifth Avenue, New York.
In what was probably the first direct contact, at least in recent years, between ISGF and GS-USA, Mario briefed Maureen on the recent developments within ISGF, in particular the transition from the concept of "former" (Scouts/Guides) to that of "adults".
On her side, Maureen described the GS-USA current policy, centred on girls. She also added some information on a rather recent structure, the Girl Scouts Alumnae Association (GSAA), to which any woman who has undergone a Girl Scout training can belong. GSAA has begun registering and reconnecting an estimated 50 million former Girl Scouts. These women represent a potentially huge and powerful Girl Scout network.
Maureen and Mario agreed on ways to further develop mutual knowledge between the two organisations. In particular we shall look into ways for the WAGGGS European coordinator to get in touch with a European NSGF, to get acquainted with ISGF's ways and activities.

Amicale Canadienne Francophone -Canada
On 29 December, 2008 in Montreal, at the Headquarters of the "Association des Scouts du Canada" (ACF), Mario Sica met with three representatives of the ACF: André Lafontaine, President; Nicole Rondeau, Secretary; and Raoul Lincourt, past President and founder of the ACF. Only a handful of members of this French-speaking Fellowship are at present registered with ISGF, through the CB. This is a rather abnormal situation, as the ACF, which was founded some 10 years ago, now number some 250-300 members. Various legal aspects of the situation were discussed. The aim is to get all of the ACF members registered with ISGF. In order to do this, some kind of understanding has to be worked out with the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds. Contacts have taken place between the two Canadian parties, but no result has been achieved so far. The matter will be examined by the ISGF World Committee at its meeting in March 2009.

Update Central Branch
Our group of 16 members in Azerbaijan has a new contact person, Jane Najafova, and they are reorganizing themselves with the help of NSGF Norway.
New members:
The second member from Cuba has been registered. A new member from Turkey arrived. He has been member before but at that time he was too much occupied. He already sent flyers about ISGF in Turkish to his network. Also an adult Scout from Bolivia wanted to become a member but lives in New Zealand. So he decided to become member of a guild in New Zealand. We registered the first person from the Maldives and more to follow.
New requests for information:
From the USA, Philippines and from a group of Congo Brazzaville who are living in Paris, France. Also our contact in Ethiopia from the Scout & Guide Spirit Flame project, received an ISGF Info package. An existing group of adults in Mauritania has been informed about the possibility to become member of ISGF.
Total members:
As from February 15, 2009 we have 548 group members in 14 countries and 83 individuals in 21 countries, so in total 631 Central Branch members.