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Information about the World Committee

A summary of ISGF World Committee meeting in Vienna 26. - 28. August 2008

World Committee (WCom): Muftah Ajaj, Linda Bates, Anne Dupont, Brett Grant, Harald Kesselheim, Rigmor Lauridsen, Mario Sica.
World Bureau (WB): Faouzia Kchouk, Margaret Gossing
Excuses: Abdelaziz Ben Said, Ales Cerin, Paul Lokossou

WCom way of working
Recognising that each member of the WCom can not be 100% updated about every single subject within ISGF at all times, the WCom decided to establish teams that will give special attention to certain subjects.

WCom positions and responsibilities
– first person mentioned is the leader of the team:
Chairman: Brett
Vice Chairman: Anne
WB supervision: Mario
Legal Team: Mario, Harald, Carol Bowen and Jean – Francois Levy (not members of WCom)

Finance Team: Brett, Muftah, Linda, Aziz
Stamp Bank: Rigmor,
Ambassadors Guild: Brett, Anne, Harald
WAGGGS and WOSM: Brett, Mario, Anne
External Relations: Anne
Communication & PR: Rigmor, Linda, Faouzia, one more required

Internet Coordinator: Ales
Africa Region: Paul, Rigmor
Arab Region: Muftah, Aziz, Anne
Asia Pacific (AsPac) Region: Brett, Mario
Europe Region: Rigmor, Anne
Western Hemisphere Region: Linda, Harald
Central Branch (CB) & Twinning coordinator: Leny Doelman (ex-officio until further notice)

pdf *2008_Minutes WCom meeting 26-28 August (49 KB)