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logo sesr cyprus 2022Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean and it is situated at the Crossroads of three Continents, Europe, Asia and Africa. This geographic position has since antiquity played an important part in the island’s turbulent history. Its prehistoric age inhabitants were joined by the Mycenaeans
Greek 3500 years ago, who introduced and established their civilization, thus permanently instilling the island’s Greek roots. Many other cultures followed since then, including Phoenicians, Assyrians, Franks, Venetians, Ottomans and British, all leaving behind visible traces of their passage. The island is an open-air museum.

In 2010 we had the opportunity to organize and welcome you in the 7th ISGF Europe Region Conference and we are sure that those who participated, left the island with the best of impressions.
Unfortunately, COVID-19 kept us apart for a very long time, so we invite you to participate in the 17th MED Gathering and 6th Southern Europe Sub-Regional Gathering which will take place from 24-29 October 2022 (five nights) in the town Ayia Napa when the weather is not so hot. We can assure you than all the necessary precautions and health measures applied by the Health Ministry will be kept.
For those who would like to extend their stay, we plan to have a 3 days post gathering tour giving them the opportunity to visit other interesting places in the island.

Soon we will send you the details, the program and the Registration form. We kept our promise in the past and we promise once again.

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