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Impression_Kaunas_2012From June 14th - 17th 2012 the 27th Nordic-Baltic Sub-Region (NBSR) gathering took place in Birstonas, Lithuania. Nearly 100 members (98) from Scandinavia National Scout and Guide Fellowships – Denmark (4), Finland (20), Iceland (10), Norway (39), Sweden (16) and the host country Lithuania (4) participated. Also members from Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Portugal were present.

The nature of the programme was very attractive and relaxed. Attention was given to the fact that this year, the Lithuanian Fellowship exists exactly 10 years!

A cultural evening with traditional Lithuanian folkdances and songs were brought by a local Scout group and the participants could join their dances. Workshops were run with inspiring activities such as candle making, working with clay, outdoor games, polishing amber (a fossilized organic substance) and baking bread at the Lithuanian open-air museum “Rumsiskes”. Excursions went to the cities of Birstonas, Kaunas or Vilnius which gave a good impression about the daily life.

Mida Rodrigues, chairman of ISGF World Committee as well as Harald Kesselheim, member of World Committee, spoke to the audience and informed them about the latest news in ISGF. The preliminary set up of the next European Conference was announced that will be held from 5 – 8 September 2013 and organized by Scandinavia. The theme during this Nordic Baltic Gathering was “Friendship Knot” and also Twinning was promoted at a presentation as well as how to get the most out of the website. The International Ambassadors Guild welcomed two new members.

A campfire was held at the close of the final event of this Gathering where the ashes of the last campfire of the 26th Nordic-Baltic Gathering in Aland were added to this campfire.

The venue “Royal Residence” situated in a wonderful corner of nature on the beautiful bank of the mighty river Nemunas. It is the first modern residential complex for seniors in Lithuania and the Baltic Countries with a lot of facilities. Each early morning we had a free wakeup call because of the sound of the birds.

Denmark will be the next country who will organize the 28th Nordic-Baltic gathering in 2015.

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