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Surinam Fellowship Toy 1The PAVEURS, the name of the Central Branch group in Suriname (bordered by French Guyana, Guyana and Brazil) donated their homemade stuffed Fellowship toys to several children's homes in Suriname.

The original plan was to donate these toys partly to the refugees of the ISGF Fellowship Toy project and partly to children's homes in Suriname.

Due to logistics problems and having in this region only one UNHCR agency in Washington D.C. in the USA they could not deliver the toys for the refugees as planned.

The PAVEURS produced with much enthusiasm and energy 94 stuffed toys for the refugee children.

One box with these toys were already destined for their social project 2014 and delivered to a children's home. All 94 toys will now be delivered to three different children's homes in Surinam. They still have some left over material and the group will continue to produce toys for children's homes.

Surinam Fellowship Toy 3 Surinam Fellowship Toy 2 Surinam Fellowship Toy 4 


# Monique Hariga 2014-10-15 00:05
Bravo pour votre beau travail en faveur des enfants dans les camps de réfugiés.
J'admire votre travail de couture
et le bonheur des enfants qui recevront vos cadeaux
Monique (Belgique)
# Présidente SGAB/OSOGB BelgiqueAnne Dupont 2014-08-25 12:30
Dear friends, beste vriendinnen of Surinam,
Great to see you making these dolls on the occasion of ISGF 60th anniversary. Let's keep in touch!
Best wishes to all.
# Vice Chair ISGF World CommitteeNana Gentimi 2014-07-26 18:41
Congratulations to Surinam Paveurs!!! Wonderful idea and very well done!!! Keep on the good work!

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