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project haiti pinAs many of you may remember, six years ago, in 2010, Haiti suffered a very bad earthquake. That year the National Fellowship ADSEGAH and the Central Branch group CASEGAH USA asked for medical support and many countries helped.
Since then nothing else happened and the needs are still there. We invite you to please help us to continue our work in support of the Haitian people.
ISGF project HAITI 2016 focuses on some of those urgent needs:

Build the Headquarters of the National Girl Guide Association of Haiti
Update December 2016: For the time being, no funds have been transferred to the Girl Guide Association of Haiti because the project was to be carried out in partnership with several sponsors in addition to ISGF. As you may understand, this project cannot be implemented with the sole support of ISGF. Therefore the project will be considered as pending by ISGF until other sponsors get involved as expected.

Complete the fence of the Orphanage “Enfant Haitien Mon Frére”, supported by the ADSEGAH, Fellowship from Haiti.
Update December 2016: The Orphanage ‘Enfant Haïtien Mon Frère’ received US$ 5,000 (€4,622) to start the building of its fence. The ISGF’s aim is to cover the total expenditure of the construction, namely €8,500.

Refurnish the newly constructed School Carmen René Durocher, supported by the Girl Guide Association
Update December 2016: The School ‘Carmen René Durocher’ received US$ 7,000 (€6823.22) to buy the required furniture. Objective of the ISGF almost met since it is €7955.

Special ISGF Haiti pins (clutch fastener - 2 cms round) are available for sale at 3€ each at World Bureau This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.The ISGF offers you the opportunity to totally or partially fund the required furniture, supplies for the school and the orphanage. Please donate to project HAITI 2016 today by ordering those pins.

Update December 2016: ISGF received many donations from ISGF members and we offer our deepest thanks for your generosity. So far, the funds raised have reached 12,089 Euros. The Haiti pins are still available for sale (3 €).
Mida Rodrigues (chaiman ISGF World Committee) will go to Haiti to meet with stakeholders and to assess the implementation of the projects (tentative dates: 20-24 April 2017). ISGF members willing to go to Haiti with her at their own costs are most welcome. (No expenses will be covered by ISGF). It could be a good opportunity to bring them collected items such as toys, pens/pencils, materials for handicrafts.... Unfortunately, we still wait for information from Haiti to be able to confirm you the logistical aspects of the trip. However, if you are interested in this opportunity, please contact the ISGF World Bureau.

For the PowerPoint presentation with the video included you need QuickTime. document Haiti 2016 presentation - English (49.45 MB)

pdf Project Haiti 2016 - EN = (1.51 MB) PDF presentation without the video


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