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Team_Jan2011_HaitiLinda Bates, International Project coordinator, has brought a new shipment to Haiti together with five volunteers.

The intention was that the shipment should have delivered much earlier but because of natural disasters and political restless situation any action on delivering goods had to be postponed. Sixteen volunteers sorted, labeled and packed medical supplies worth $150,000.00 USD in 15 suitcases weighing just less than 700 lbs.

On January 23, 2011 these suitcases were ready for transport and taken through customs. The team of five volunteers flew from Toronto to Florida on January 23, 2011 where they took reduced Cruise Ship tickets to Haiti. A lot of paperwork and the signing of documents at US customs gave them some headaches.

Upon arrival in the port of Labadee, on the northern coast of Haiti, the team arranged that the shipment was cleared by Haitian customs. They also had pre-arranged that a driver from the village Grison Garde were in Labadee to pick up the material.

The team did make their promise to bring medical and school supplies to Haiti but were not able to take any Scouting/Guiding supplies yet. They will continue next January 2012 to finish this project.

What was in the shipment: medical supplies, schoolbooks, dental supplies, eye glasses, vitamins for children, calcium tablets, food for the school, protein powder and 10 homemade quilts.

There is now clear clean water being produced in Grison Garde on behalf of donations from St. Edwards’s parish, Waterloo, Iowa, USA and ISGF.

All costs for this trip were paid for by each volunteer. Thanks to everyone who supported this project.

Since post-Earthquake we have delivered $370,000.00 USD in medical and school supplies to Haiti. There is still $400,000.00 USD on supplies waiting to be shipped.

Special thanks to Royal Caribbean International (shipping company) and WestJet (Canadian Airlines) for their extra support in our endeavors.

Photo Labadee Haiti: From left to right: Lise Woods, Doug Lovegrove, Deb Lovegrove, Linda Bates, Matt Hutcheon

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