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tunisia wheelchairSeveral Good Turns were done by the Tunisian Fellowship, Amitié Tunisienne des Anciens Scouts et Guides, in several cities like Sousse, Kairouan and in Tunis in the months of April and May 2018.

In Sousse they handed over some wheelchairs to Scouts and disabled scout leaders. during a Friendship meeting on 22 April.

tunisia booksIn Kairouan on the occasion of a Friendship meeting on 24 April, books and dictionaries were donated by the Fellowship and handed over to a college library in a rural area.

tunisia boxes ramadanIn poor neighborhoods of the capital of Tunis the Fellowship distributed on 13 and 14 May quite a lot of packages with food products on the approach of the holy month, Ramadan, for families who are in need of. One of the greatest objectives of the month of Ramadan is understanding what others are going through, especially for those who are less fortunate.