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logo wconf 2017The host committee of the 28th ISGF World Conference, HIPPRADA, the Indonesia National Scout and Guide Fellowship, has recently distributed information to all National Scout and Guide Fellowships (NSGFs) and Central Branch contact persons. They also included a leaflet, visa and customs information.
A more detailed description will be published in the 3rd week of January 2017 via email or via their social media Facebook and Twitter @hipprada

Where: Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia
Venue: Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel
When: Monday 9th to 14th of October 2017
Costs: Conference package A, B, or C.

Conference package A: US$ 577,00 per person includes
1. Airport transfer to hotel
2. Conference costs inclusive lunch
3. Conference kit
4. Dinner
5. Excursion: Bali nature & Culture program

Conference package B: US$ 827,00 per person includes:
1. Point 1 – 5 from package A
2. Sharing room from 9 – 14 October

Conference package C: US$1077,00 includes:
1. Point 1 – 5 from package A
2. Single room from 9 to 14 October

wconf 2017 mascotYou find all paperwork concerning this Conference by clicking on the World Conference logo on the ISGF homepage.

Important registration details: Registration will be online at  All registrations will go via the NSGFs and Central Branch groups except for Central Branch individuals who may register direct.

For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


spreadsheet 2017 Registration form 28th WConf (450 KB) NEW

pdf 2017 WConf program - draft (114 KB)

pdf 2017 WConf information host - 3 (post tours) (512 KB) NEW

pdf 2017 WConf information host - 2 (1.52 MB)

pdf 2017 WConf information host - 1 (1.03 MB)

pdf 2017 WConf leaflet host (3.42 MB)

pdf 2017 WConf visa info (181 KB)

pdf 2017 WConf custom regulations (186 KB)


pdf 2017 ConfM Programa del dia provisional (496 KB)

pdf 2017 ConfM Boletin 3 (692 KB)

pdf 2017 ConfM Boletin 2 (822 KB)

pdf 2017 ConfM Boletin 1 (829 KB)

pdf 2017 ConfM info visas (596 KB)

pdf 2017 ConfM info aduanas (602 KB)

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00 pdf Letter chairman World Committee (161 KB) pdf Carta presidenta Comité mundial (599 KB)
00A pdf Checklist documents (146 KB) pdf Lista verificación (574 KB)
00B pdf Timeline (41 KB) pdf Cronograma (569 KB)
01 document Delegation NSGF (60 KB) pdf Delegación ANSG (559 KB)
01A document Proxy form (42 KB) pdf Formulario de apoderamiento (463 KB)
02 pdf Provisional agenda (146 KB) pdf Orden del dia provisional (558 KB)
03 pdf Rules of procedure (399 KB) pdf Normas y procedimientos (715 KB)
04 pdf Call for WCom candidates (290 KB) pdf Convocatoria candidatos WCom (17 KB)
04A pdf Letter potential World Committee candidates (194 KB) pdf Carta candidatos WCom (637 KB)
04B document Nomination form World Committee candidates (58 KB) pdf Formulario candidatos WCom (561 KB)
05 pdf Invitation hosting World Conference 2020 (152 KB) pdf Invitación acoger Confm2020 (561 KB)
05A document Hosting World Conference 2020 request form (46 KB) pdf Formulario Confm2020 (718 KB)
06 pdf Invitation for presentation (174 KB) pdf Invitación presentaciones (604 KB)
06A document Action time form (48 KB) pdf Formulario tiempo de acción (545 KB)
06B document Display area request form (46 KB) pdf Formulario area de visualización (553 KB)
07 pdf World Market (95 KB) pdf Mercado mundial (570 KB)
07A document World Market form (47 KB) pdf Formulario mercado mundial (546 KB)
08 pdf Forum presentation (234 KB) pdf Forum presentación (584 KB)
08A document Forum form (55 KB) pdf Formulario forum (552 KB)
09 pdf Proposals amendments (341 KB) pdf Proposiciones enmienda (883 KB)  
09A pdf World Committee policy recommendation (355 KB) pdf Recomendació politica WCom (561 KB)
10 pdf Membership indexation (354 KB) pdf Revisión de cuotas (566 KB)  
11 pdf Proposal NBSR Action plan 2017-2020 (373 KB) pdf Propuesta NBSR Plan de Acción 2017- 2020 (565 KB)  

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