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first_CB_group_VenezuelaRecently more members from Latin America registered to become member of ISGF via Central Branch:

 Costa Rica was one of the founding countries of ISGF in 1953 but left us in 1961. They are again interested to re-enter our organisation.

In Ecuador our only member recently received company from an existing adult Gilwell Scouts unit.

In Peru an adult Scout group is still considering joining.

While there is interest starting in Colombia.

In Brazil more members are gradually joining.

Our only Central Branch member from Venezuela, Filiberto Yanes, networked very hard to find the adult Scouts and Guides in his country. Venezuela had been member of ISGF from 1961 – 1985.

Chile will start from scratch to build up a new National Scout and Guide Fellowship.

There are more Cubans, who live in the USA, that are joining the Antiguos Scouts de Cuba (ASC).

Argentinajust organized a Camporee while Nicaragua and Uruguayare also trying very hard to expand and both are supporting Scouting and Guiding.


# VenezuelaFrancisco Chávez 2010-12-01 05:02
La Guild \"Francisco de miranda\" 001, saludos a los hermanos miembros de esta hermandad mundial. Ya estamos creciendo y expandiendonos, con muchas metas y objetivos a cumplir. Les estaremos informando en próximas entregas. Un fuerte apretón de mano izquierda y por Siempre listos
# We are such a big familyKaty Kastrouni 2010-10-21 18:22
It is exciting. We are such a big family with so many members from all over the world!!
Best Scout/Guide greetings from Rhodes Island, Greece.
# Aqui estamosFiliberto Yanes 2010-10-20 16:36
Saludos desde Venezuela Sur América, un abrazo a todos, POR SIEMPRE LISTOS.

Filiberto Yanes
Kasanak Tüpü

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