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Anniversary 2013

60 ISGF logo small25 October 2013 marks the 60th birthday of ISGF. This special occasion presents ISGF with an opportunity to celebrate 60 years of Adult Scouting and Guiding. ISGF achievements over the last 60 years will become available in a PowerPoint presentation.

The 60th anniversary celebrations consist of a variety of activities and events throughout the ISGF members worldwide on 25th of October.

ISGF on the Air” is the slogan on this birthday via Skype through our worldwide Communication Poles.

A gift has been produced. A range of eight booklets have been produced under the name “Our Kit” which particularly emphasizing issues that are linked to ISGF. “Our Kit” will become available as a digital edition but also as a printed version.

For more details on the celebration, see the attached documents.

pdf 2013_Invitation 60th anniversary ISGF (196 KB)

pdf 2013_Letter 25th October (127 KB)

image 60 ISGF logo (472 KB)


2013 Invitation ISGF 60 anniversary


# Membre SGAB BelgiqueMonique Hariga 2013-10-04 18:55
C\'est ce 5 octobre notre Journée de l\'Amitié.
N\'empêche quennous serons en plus, en union de pensée le 25 octobre, jour des 60 ans de l\'AISG
# Secretario Internacional NSGF MexicoJosé Manuel Núñez Romero 2013-10-03 18:50
Hola hermanos y hermanas Scouts y Guías reciban un fuerte apretón de mano izquierda y una felicitación a cada uno de los que conformamos ISGF por estos 60 años de existencia, siendo una opción de desarrollo entre adultos escultas. fomentando valores y principios scouts entre organizaciones hermanas de OMMS Y AMGS desde la Ciudad de México un abrazo a todos.
# Member NSGF IndiaShilendra nath 2013-10-01 13:59
All members. Wish happy Fellowship Day 2013.