Stamp Bank

used stampsWe have difficult times in our National Scout and Guide Fellowships/Central Branch groups today. In many parts of the world, it is difficult to meet physically and the best possible way to have contact with other members of ISGF is by phone, email, or by video meetings. If you need an activity which every member can do on their own and at the same time do together – try the Stamp Bank activity.

ISGF has made an instruction sheet (try this link) that will guide you how to organize this activity both locally and on national level. This activity gives every member a task to collect their own stamps and cut it in a proper way. I am sure that every National Scout and Guide Fellowship/ Central Branch group has a stamp collector who can give guidance in this. By selling the stamps you can give financial support to ISGF both nationally and internationally.

collecting stampsThe Stamp Bank activity is still going on mostly in the Nordic countries. If you want any further information the World Bureau can give you contact addresses. When it is again possible to meet physically you are advised to bring the used stamps to Conferences or Gatherings where Stamp Bank managers will take your stamps and proceed them to wholesalers.

There is a saying: “many small creeks can together make a large river” so remember every little bit helps.


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