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2016 22febThis 22nd February, on behalf of ISGF, I’m proposing to all its members the 2016 challenge.

project haiti pinWishing that everyone can enjoy a happy Thinking Day make plans about the best way how to contribute and involve friends and the community around our common project HAITI 2016.

As many of you may remember, six years ago, in 2010, Haiti suffered a very bad earthquake and the National Fellowship ADSEGAH and the Central Branch group CASEGHA USA, that year asked for medical support and many countries helped.
Since then nothing else happened and the needs are still there:
• Build the Headquarters of the Haiti Girl Guides Association – 50 m2.
• Complete the fence of the Orphanage “Enfant Haitien Mon Frére”, supported by the ADSEGAH, Fellowship from Haiti.
• Refurnish the newly constructed School Carmen René Durocher, supported by the Girl Guides Association.

Pins (as the logo above) are available from the World Bureau at the price of 3€ and other donations are welcomed until the 25th October – Fellowship Day 2016. The ISGF web page will give you more information on these three projects, photos, plans, accounts, sales of pins and emblems, comments. As well as for other ISGF World projects we are sure that this project will be completed and the needs of ADSEGAH, the Girl Guides Association and the community in Haiti.
Be active and sell your pins to your community, the quantity is limited so someday they will be collectables.

Have a Happy Thinking Day and remember the messages of our Founder and his Wife.

Yours in Fellowship
Mida Rodrigues, Chairman ISGF World Committee

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