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World thinking 2015 webIt's really a Fabulous Day!!!!
When we think that more than 40.000.000 SCOUTS, 10.000.000 GUIDES and millions of Women and Men that once were members of Guiding and Scouting, remember this day, it's amazing.
Celebrating Lord Baden-Powell's birthday it's an honour, the birth of the man that imagined a new style of education and put it into practice.

More than 100 years later both movements B.P. founded, exist and are very strong all over the world. But many forget that Olave Soames, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, had her birthday on the same day of her husband, with thirty two years difference.

Getting together, sending messages, doing a fund raising bazaar, having a camp fire, attending a religious service and so on, are many of the activities that youth members do and we the ISGF members what do we do?
Some Fellowships commemorate the day with the youngsters, participating in their activities and others just send messages to friends or get together with their Guild.
I would like to challenge you to "Think" in the light of the Scout/Guide Law and Method, how could we ISGF members, do still better and try to implement a strong spirit of brotherhood in the world we live and especially near the ones that once were Scouts or Guides and still don't know that their collaboration is important.
Enjoy your 22nd February, remember friends you haven't seen or spoken for a long time and have a thought for Lady Olave and Lord Robert Baden-Powell.
On behalf of the World Committee we will remember the ISGF members, especially those who have not so good moments in their lives.

Yours in Fellowship,

Mida Rodrigues, chairman ISGF World Committee

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2015_Italy: Established in 1926, the World Thinking Day, observed on February 22 of each year, celebrates the scout and guide global brotherhood. Best wishes for a good World Thinking Day from MASCI, the adult scout movement of Italy. Sonia Mondin, National President of MASCI.

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