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Happy Founder''s Day/World Thinking Day 2013 to all the ISGF members.

The 22nd February it’s an unforgettable date for many many millions of individuals. Being still Guides or Scouts or now adults, they still remember their youth and the fantastic time in the movement. To celebrate the World Thinking Day 2013, WAGGGS, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts developed the points 4 and 5 from the Millennium Development Goals.

The more than 10 000 000 Girl Guides and Girl Scouts will work the themes ”Every mother’s life and health is precious” and “Together we can save children’s lives”, and the focus will be on a country of each Region: Ireland, Jordan, Malawi, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

On this day and as members of ISGF we can THINK and find a way to collaborate with these issues in our countries or in other far away countries. Get informed, contact and see how your Guild can be active and be part of the work of the Region you belong.

The ISGF web is waiting for your news and Facebook on this day must be busy, full of information.

Mida Rodrigues

Chairman ISGF World Committee