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 25th October 2010

A Warm Hello,

Fellowship Day is an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the actions we have taken not only to build new friendships but to bring quality to the friendships we have already established.

It is nice to think that our brothers and sisters are thinking of us on this day, but what have we done to show them that we are thinking of them? Communication with each other is an important factor in what makes us a successful organisation because we take the time to listen and respond to each other.

Some of our members are increasing in years and may not be able to go out to Gatherings as often as they used to. Or they could be in a retirement home. Think of these members, as they have worked hard for Scouting and Guiding as well as the ISGF over the years and deserve our time and support so they do not feel forgotten.

On this Fellowship Day may everyone with the Scout and Guide Spirit have a wonderful day.

Brett D. Grant

Chairman ISGF World Committee

Underneath you will find a splendid story how to involve those who cannot attend gatherings anymore.

gift_to_Rosa_CuracaoDuring the recently held 1st Caribbean sub-gathering in Curacao, “Copernicia”, the Curacao National Scout and Guide Fellowship, had the idea to make a donation to an elderly home where some of their members are staying. By doing this, also those members indirectly and symbolically had a participation in the gathering.

Rosa Romer, who is a honorary member of Copernicia, is now 86 years old and she was a Founder Member 25 years ago and also in the first Board.

In the picture Rosa receives a donation on behalf of the elderly home where she stays. She was very honored and happy and she even sang the “Promise Song” during that special occasion.

pdf 2010_Fellowship Day message (31 KB)

pdf Mensaje del Dia de la Hermandad 2010 (84 KB)




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